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Well that was fun, fun, fun!

Thanks to everyone who played the first game of Veronica Mars Against Humanity. I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars tasers.

I think we had about 15 players and half a dozen spectators come in and out of the game. I was too distracted during the funniest moments to think of it, but I did manage to take a couple of screenshots ^ 

So, what’s next? More quippage, misanthropy and class warfare. I’ll schedule a game for next weekend but you don’t need me in order to play. In the next few days I’ll post instructions so anyone can set up a game at any time.

And there will be more cards. I’ll build the deck slowly so that it covers all the available canon, with a view to having a monster VMAH ready for the movie anniversary. There’s so much material we could easily have about 4000 cards. Veronica Mars and Cards Against Humanity is a match made in Marshmallow heaven!

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Anna Chancellor as Lady Anstruther 

That’s the advantage of an older husband. One gets an earlier release. 
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Downton Abbey 5.02 preview
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Downton Abbey 5.01
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Lady Mary Crawley - Downton Abbey 5x01

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Veronica Mars Against Humanity is happening right now!


Come and join us! Two rounds in and I’ve already snorted, choked, guffawed and alarmed the neighbours.

Go to the Pretend You’re Xyzzy site: http://pyx-2.socialgamer.net/game.jsp It works best on Chrome. It can technically be played on an ipad using a web browser but I’ve found it too slow to be practical.

Choose a username: You don’t need to register, it’s a one-off username for the duration of the game. 

Find the game: On the next screen you will see a list of the games underway. Ours will be a passworded game and those are always below the public games. Scroll through the list (it’s likely to be long). Once you find the game, hit join or spectate, enter the password and you’re in! Don’t worry too much about the rules, it’s really simple.

Game name: VMAH’s game
Codeword Password: endurance

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Takes one to know one…

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The trouble is, you want to be sure. Well, surer than the customs of well-bred courtship will allow.

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Downton Abbey 5.01
Downton Abbey 5.01
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Molesley, you look very Latin all of the sudden.
Robert Crawley

"Are you Italian?"

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Before Jimmy made his entrance, he and Thomas had to dodge Gillingham, who was also slinking down illicit corridors. He knocked up Mary and went right in, catching her in her nightwear: some sort of Japanese fighting blanket. His urgent proposition was that they go away not for a dirty weekend, but a whole filthy week. They would spend the days together. “And the nights?” she asked, visibly quivering with desire despite an inch of thick wool between them. It seems Gillingham is to join the pantheon of Mary’s lovers, which means a brief period of tepid joy followed by sudden death.
X S5E1
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Veronica Mars Against Humanity: The Pilot premieres today


The custom pack is locked and loaded, with 200 black cards and 911 white cards. Find out everything you need to know about playing or being a spectator here. The post now includes an explanation for a special VMAH feature: Card Czar’s Character Choice, or C4. 

See you there in 11 3 hours!

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Downton Abbey 5.01
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